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iNOVAR provides a robust cross-industry Internet-enabled system for staff scheduling and flex pool management. Originally developed to meet the demanding, complex staffing requirements of the healthcare industry, today iNOVAR meets the needs of any organization with as few as 20 or more than 20,000 employees—including those with 24/7 coverage requirements.

iNOVAR combines departmental requirements, staffing mix requirements, and staffing preferences to create an enterprise-wide resource pool accessible from any workstation using an Internet browser. Sophisticated automation assists you in making scheduling decisions based on pre-defined business rules. So you save time and manage more proactively.

With iNOVAR you can:

With iNOVAR as a single point of entry for all scheduling information, you will be able to share information throughout the organization—even via wireless technology like cellular phones, pagers, or PDAs. And web access through a secure, managed IP network substantially lowers technical support requirements and operating costs.
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